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A magazine produced to guide the Brazilian entrepreneur.

American Dream magazine was developed with you in mind and offers expert guidance, sharing the experiences of Brazilians living in the United States and paving the way for those who already have their own business, as those who intend to invest in the country. Get started with Digital Option.

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Somos a American Dream Magazine!

We're here to help business leaders build successful companies, Foster the development of new leaders in building great companies and doing excellent business.

Our bold and ambitious vision will be achieved by sharing carefully selected information and the experiences of successful entrepreneurs to raise the quality of Brazilian products and services in the United States., enhancing decision-making ability, stimulating creative thinking, inspiring new leaders to engage in this journey of excellence and professional success. Discover American Dream Magazine. buy a copy.

Success Since Launch!

American Dream Magazine was successfully launched during the First Brazilian Business Conference in the United States on October 20, 2022, American Dream Magazine aroused the interest of small and medium-sized Brazilian entrepreneurs residing in the country, avid for a vehicle dedicated to the segment, with the quality of content and design that only American Dream Magazine can offer. A publishing initiative Publisher VLM Press which has already published more than 30 books by Brazilian authors in the country.

The best that could happen this year, is being the launch of a magazine like this, dedicated exclusively to increasing business in our state, that among the fifty we have in this country, currently occupies the third place among the best places for investment.”

Luiz Piquet

Business Consultant, Piquet Business

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